How God Restrains Evil in the World

I want to encourage you all this morning.  I want to kind of put you in a biblical context.  We’re committed to the Scriptures, to the Word of God; and I want to talk from the Bible, as we always do, and perhaps give you a perspective on what you do that maybe you haven’t had before.  But we have to start with the reality, and that reality is this:  the Bible is unmistakably clear about human nature.  There is no question; all people are sinners.  They’re not all as bad as they could be; they’re not as bad as each other; they’re all sinners.

There is not a single exception according to Scripture.  Every person is born in sin.  Sin nature is passed down from its parents.  It goes all the way back to Adam and Eve.  When Adam and Eve fell, their disposition changed.  And then everything that’s come from Adam and Eve, every human that’s ever been born in the history of the world, has been born a sinner, passed down from the original parents. 

You want proof?  Everybody dies.  Everybody dies.  Not only does everybody die; everybody gets sick, everybody has trouble.  But everyone dies.  The Old Testament says this, “The soul that sins, it shall die.”  The New Testament says, “The wages of sin is death.”  Scripture is crystal clear on that.

Babies in the womb die.  Millions of them are aborted.  Infants just born die; die in a crib, die in the safety of a family home.  Little children die; die from accidents, die from illnesses.  These little ones die before they have committed any willful transgression against God, before they have consciously violated the law of God, committed iniquities or sins. 

Why do they die?  The reality of death is in the fabric of humanity.  They die because the principle of death resides in every human being because we’re all sinful.  We die, all of us, because we have inherited the universal sin nature from sinful parents, and it can produce death even before conscious sin.  The reality of universal sin is attested by universal death.  We all die.

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