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Do Not Panic — Trusting God in Hard Times

Fear is the believer's greatest enemy. When a believer has fear, he cannot have believing faith. Fear paralyzes, frustrates and cripples. Fear also involves torment as as 1 John 4:18 states. Someone said, “Fear is the prison of the heart.” Trusting God in hard times requires refusing to be frightened, refusing to be immobilized, refusing … Continue reading Do Not Panic — Trusting God in Hard Times

Put the Fire Out


I have a confession: one that I’m really not proud of.

But tonight at church, and really for the last couple weeks, I honestly have just felt…nothing.

It’s like I’ve been spiritually numb.

But tonight was different. I was actually getting angry.

I was sitting in the pew, and just inexplicably fuming, being critical of every little thing: the priest seemed arrogant. The pace was too slow. I was literally shooting daggers with my eyes at the elderly woman leading the songs. (A capella, I might add.) Who is this monster I’ve allowed in my thoughts and heart?!

But I was just checked out. And the more I thought about it, the worse it got.

I’m going to be honest: growing up, I had a few episodes of… the silent treatment.

I’m not proud to admit that passive aggressive low blow, but I have been known to give my…

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Compassion for Your Neighbor

Life Less Ordinary

But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion.
Luke 10:33

Context is so important when reading the Bible! Take the story of the Good Samaritan for instance (Luke 10:25-37). Everyone knows the story: a man being kind to a stranger. But there is more to the story. Jesus told it in response to a question from a lawyer: “Who is my neighbor?” (verse 29) That is, since the Law says “love your neighbor” (Leviticus 19:18), who is my neighbor? Who am I bound to love?

Jesus answered the question with a story: A Jew was set upon by robbers who stole his goods and left him for dead. Two Jewish religious leaders passed by and ignored the man’s plight. But when a cultural enemy of the man came by—a Samaritan—he stopped to help the injured man. The Samaritan “had…

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Sermon : “Whatever Happened to Sin?”


Speaker : Pastor Brian

Date : October 15, 2017

Bible Reading : Psalm 51:1-12; John 3:1-21; Romans 7:14-25;

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I want to talk this morning about sin… ‘Whatever happened to sin?

In the early 1990’s John Blanchard, who is a Christian apologist in Great Britain, wrote a book called ‘Whatever happened to hell?‘ He says that hell seems to have fallen on hard times and the belief in the place called hell has been in decline for the past 100 years. That a poll taken in Britain in 1989 revealed that no more than 24% of those questioned believed in hell, probably down to about 10% today. Rev Bell from Mars Hill Church, one of the big churches in America, tells his congregation that there is no hell, because a little God will not condemn anyone to…

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