How much do you love Jesus?

46 who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it. - Matthew 13:46 In one of the most unique corporate take-overs ever, Stanley Tam legally transferred 51 percent of the shares of his company to God. He started United States Plastic Corporation with thirty-seven dollars … Continue reading How much do you love Jesus?


Paul’s First Prayer

“For, behold, he is praying.” - Acts 9:11 GOD has many methods of quenching persecution. He will not suffer His church to be injured by its enemies, or overwhelmed by its foes. And He is not short of means for turning aside the way of the wicked, or of turning it upside down. In two … Continue reading Paul’s First Prayer

What are the qualifications of ministers and pastors?

By Dr. Dale A. Robbins In our society, a minister is a generic term that usually refers to a pastor, preacher or clergyman. For our purpose here, we are referring to all such ministers in general, who are officially ordained or commissioned by a church to carry out some form of spiritual leadership. Above all … Continue reading What are the qualifications of ministers and pastors?