four characters a believer should have

purposeful life

  1. Have FAITH in God and His Words .
  2. Always HOPE  for something good.
  3. LOVE all, doesn’t matter He/She is an enemy or frwallpaper-gospel-faith-hope-loveiend.
  4. ACTION.

And the most important character we should have is the Action because the Action is needed and is most necessary t
o show the above three THE FAITH , HOPE AND LOVE .

For the Bible tells in James 2:18 that “Faith without work is dead”.

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Love, Lace, and Lock-Ins

Real as the Streets

I never expected to outgrow the shame and insecurity developed during my tween and teen years. A shame that had latched on to me like an insatiable tick- sucking any ounce of self-assurance that dared to manifest.

The only happy childhood memories I have are of pageants. My mother dressing me up in bows and lace. And memories of her taking me to Church. Especially when she permitted to sleep over at the youth lock-ins.

Soon after that, though, things weren’t so good.

I don’t want to bore you with a tired ol’ tale of growing up in poverty. Residing in a singlewide, being fed on food stamps, playing with donated toys, and wondering why my mother couldn’t do any better than 2 minimum wage jobs.

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To Say Something or Not to Say Anything…That is the Question.

Who is God?

Yesterday, I was out with my oldest daughter. We had a good time together shopping for crafty things. I mentioned what I read in someone’s blog about how Christians want to “fix” other people. She then told me how mad it has made her through the years when I have tried to “fix” her.

“Remember when I told you I don’t read the Bible and you wrote me a letter?”

 I said, “Yes.”

“Well that upset me. I just delete things you write me about religion. You have your relationship with God your way and I have my relationship my way.”

I felt really bad and told her I was sorry. I told her I was always terrified she wouldn’t be saved and I knew that faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

I could tell that didn’t help. She is still angry about the times I’ve talked with…

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Yes..! God wants this..

purposeful life

Hello all , I thank you for looking in to my blog.

Please read this and I would really love to see your comments.

Let’s look at and notice this world again for a while…..We could only discover lustful works, hatred, jealousy and all that are against righteousness.

This is the most sinful place where we are living at present, the

World is filled with all kinds of lustful works that it’s very difficult

For anybody to stay pure without God’s help, and God wants Hispeople to be Holy.

We may be regular Church goers , we may have a very kind and

Merciful heart, we may be one of the very active members of the Church

and attend all the youth conference and gospel conference without

fail, that’s great ! God appreciates that and also God wants us to be of such kind.

But before that …

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