Our Duty Toward our Equals

And he was angry, and would not go in (Luk 15:28) The Elder Brother's Duty toward His Younger BrotherThe moral failure of the elder brother is very significant in one respect. It was a failure in the sphere of duty to an equal. As a son he had given every satisfaction, and with a good … Continue reading Our Duty Toward our Equals

God: Creator and Redeemer

"It is significant that the portion of Genesis which has been the object of the greatest attacks of skepticism and unbelief, the first eleven chapters, is the portion which had the greatest influence on the New Testament."Henry Morris We are continuing our series tonight on the subject of “Origins: Creation or Evolution.” I know that … Continue reading God: Creator and Redeemer


Introduction Haggai was a prophet of the remnant of Israel and Judah that remained after the 70 years in captivity, and his task was to instruct, encourage and also rebuke after their recent return to the land. In particular Haggai in conjunction with Zechariah was given the task of stirring up the enthusiasm to rebuild … Continue reading Haggai