Sermon : “Whatever Happened to Sin?”


Speaker : Pastor Brian

Date : October 15, 2017

Bible Reading : Psalm 51:1-12; John 3:1-21; Romans 7:14-25;

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I want to talk this morning about sin… ‘Whatever happened to sin?

In the early 1990’s John Blanchard, who is a Christian apologist in Great Britain, wrote a book called ‘Whatever happened to hell?‘ He says that hell seems to have fallen on hard times and the belief in the place called hell has been in decline for the past 100 years. That a poll taken in Britain in 1989 revealed that no more than 24% of those questioned believed in hell, probably down to about 10% today. Rev Bell from Mars Hill Church, one of the big churches in America, tells his congregation that there is no hell, because a little God will not condemn anyone to…

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