Elijah or Jeremiah

Some say that thou art…Elias,' and others, Jeremias (Mat 16:14) Elijah—A Prophet of Wrath; Jeremiah—A Prophet of Tears It is of the deepest interest to discover what was the common impression about Jesus, and in this report conveyed by the disciples we get a hint of the utmost value. "Whom do men say that I … Continue reading Elijah or Jeremiah

Creation’s Witness to the Youth of Jesus

"Thou hast the dew of thy youth." (Psa 110:3) By taking a bit of liberty with these poetic words, we shall apply them, without any prelude, to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, there are two expressions in our text to which we shall give attention, and the first of these is youth: … Continue reading Creation’s Witness to the Youth of Jesus

He Knocks

Behold I stand at the door, and knock (Rev_3:20) We are all familiar with the picture by a well-known artist which portrays Christ standing at the door. It is one of the few pictures on a text of Scripture which has caught the imagination of the people. We see the door hanging on rusty hinges … Continue reading He Knocks