The First Sacrifice

For tonight and in the future we’re going to continue to look at finding Christ in the Old Testament. Now we have established this series long ago, many, many months ago; we talked about the importance of this. We have looked at the greatest of all Old Testament passages on Christ, the fifty-third chapter of … Continue reading The First Sacrifice

Possessing the gates of your enemy

Written by Schalk and Elsa You may wonder what is meant by the title of this article. To possess the gates of your enemy, in ancient times, meant to have control over your enemy. It does, however, also have a spiritual meaning. If so, what are these gates and who is our enemy? These gates … Continue reading Possessing the gates of your enemy

… In a Fierce Storm

IN THIS WORLD WE WILL HAVE DIFFICULTIESJohn 16:33 In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties (“difficulties” according to the Amplified Bible: tribulation and trials and distress and frustration) This may sound like a negative beginning-of-the-year message…Shouldn’t we just wish one another a prosperous new year, one without tribulations? one without pain & … Continue reading … In a Fierce Storm