Online Trends Parents Need to Warn Their Kids About

by Ava Pennington These days, the information superhighway resembles a virtual Wild West more than it does a highway. Problem is, the local sheriff is usually several steps behind the bad guys. Often the targets—our kids—don’t think they need protecting. A 2012 study by McAfee indicated that almost 70% of teens hide their online activity. … Continue reading Online Trends Parents Need to Warn Their Kids About

1371. On being asked to write a poem against the destruction of the natural world… ~Dale Biron

Sacred Touches

Poems we love are just songs
we must sing again and again.
~Dale Biron

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Well, yes I have written such poems on occasion and several times in fact, not because I was asked, but just because my heart or soul or maybe some other nameless part of me couldn’t help but do so. I’ve quoted Rachel Carson, Walt Whitman, and Wallace Stegner just to add intellectual heft to my haranguing. And based on what I can tell, so far none of my writing or talking has made a single bit of difference, except that I now stare dumbstruck at the magnificence of a single ocean wave, and cannot take my eyes off clouds and full moons or Giant Egrets, taking one tiny sacred step at a time. After all, isn’t every poem ever just a search and rescue party for our heart and soul– nothing protected, nothing saved, nothing sustained…

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Rachel and Leah – a tale of two sisters

originally posted by Steven P. Wickstrom In Genesis chapter 27, Jacob had already swindled his brother Esau out of the birthright, and now he had deceitfully taken away the blessing of their father Isaac. Esau, having been double-crossed twice, was so angry that he was preparing to kill Jacob. When their mother, Rebekah, found out … Continue reading Rachel and Leah – a tale of two sisters

Baffling Belief

A Necessary Pain

Not the conditional, good time, sunny day faith, but the broken, gaping deficit, sickly, challenging to the very core type. That faith that prompts growth in areas you once prided yourself on being strong in. Only to find that under pressure, the fortitude of your faith resembled an ant trying to hold on to a crumb in a tornado.

The halls are painted with horror, and the lights are broken. How often, does Satan attempt to lure us into the depths of fear. Lacking solid evidence, yet the lump in your throat and the racing of your heart cosign. The wages are missed opportunities. The benefits package is regret, doubt, and anxiety. How can we possibly combat the physiological effects of the illogical?

We must begin and end with faith. Impossible situations, gaping deficits, sickbed faith, is the air that flows under the wings of the, seemingly, dreadful situations. Strengthened from the energy derived…

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My thoughts on Leftist Fringe Kicked off flight for Berating Trump supporter

The Domain for Truth

As a Christian I do enjoy flying and the opportunity to share the Gospel (Jesus dying on the cross to save us sinners) with those next to me.  Now of course this must be done in a manner that is Godly and respectful.  It’s also a joy to talk to different people and walks of life.  Up to this point all my conversations have been cordial.

Apparently Christians aren’t the only ones who want to share their worldview.


This past weekend a lady and her husband was kicked off their flight because the wife was berating a Trump supporter flying home after the inauguration.

Let’s just say she did not talk to the Trump supporter in a Godly manner.

Here’s my two cent.  I realize my tone is stronger than usual but I think it captures just how dangerous some on the Left have become in their intolerance.

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Take Your Faith With You

DSC01047 publish

We live in a world filled with pessimism and darkness and we all have committed sins and made mistakes…also we have all seen the presence of or been associated with light and goodness and kindness.  We have a choice everyday of every year, do we want to move towards the light or towards the darkness?  Our decisions and our everyday interactions play a part in which way we are moving.  One of the best gifts God has given every single person is free will…we get to choose…light of life or darkness?

When we choose to move towards the light of life one of the first steps and most difficult steps is to admit to our sins, to confess we have made mistakes and have done wrong…we need to be humble before God.

As stated, we have all committed sins and made mistakes, all the prominent names in the Bible committed…

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