"Hate destroys the vessel it's kept in." - Author Unknown


Patrick Childhood Memories about Nature


People go through malls to admire the beautiful architecture but on their way, they ignore the beautiful works of nature. See how people flood Dubai to check out a huge aquarium?

Nobody notices the Hibiscus, or the little flowers around the environment.


As a child back then i notice the blue and white cloud in the sky that fades here and there. The people who see don’t see much.


The combination of colours from everywhere about the environment was natural. The people who see don’t see much.



Remember going out in the bush to hunt and again seeing tiny green leaves with pink-red flowers.

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I don’t know if they’re still there but back then I seemed to be the only one who noticed them. I remember wondering how the rainbow is been formed in the cloud and the colour it comprises of, while looking up. But I guess many “who see don’t see…

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Parenting in a Contrary Culture

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Understanding Atheism

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