Where Sin Abounds

by Thomas Bass | Les Feldick https://youtu.be/2rbU0h_8Ysk Let’s get back into Romans Chapter 5, verses 20, and 21. As I teach the Old Testament, especially Genesis and the Book of Revelation, there is no problem keeping people’s interest. But when you start teaching in a book like Romans, people are not as excited. They should … Continue reading Where Sin Abounds

The Imputed Righteousness of God

by Thomas Bass | Les Feldick https://youtu.be/KFN0NTq43p0 We will begin with Romans Chapter 5, but before we do it’s always so good to be able to share with you in each lesson. Sometimes we have as many as ten different denominations that will attend our study. But our main goal is to help everyone learn how … Continue reading The Imputed Righteousness of God