From calamities lilies can grow ….

Joseph named the firstborn Manasseh, saying, " GOD has made me forget all my hardship and all my father's household." - 📖 Genesis 41:51 📖 Sometimes calamities simply snowballs. It is as if the one bad thing on top of the other comes rolling to us and later we can't defend or handle the setbacks anymore. We then … Continue reading From calamities lilies can grow ….


Should a Christian make a promise?

Question: "Should a Christian make a promise?" Answer: A promise is a vow or pledge to take an action or an assurance that something will definitely happen. There is nothing inherently wrong or sinful about making a promise. In fact, the Bible records a great number of promises God Himself has made. When Adam and … Continue reading Should a Christian make a promise?


One Stone Away...

When I was a little girl we had “polishing day”. Back then when I heard the words calling from my momma’s lips you could see my eyes roll in the back of my head and subsequently hear the heavy sigh or deep scoff slide boldly from my mouth. Guaranteed there was a lot of work planned for those days.

Just the other day I pulled the silverware out and figured it was about that time. It had to be. I couldn’t remember the last time I had cleaned them.

The dread as I experienced as a child turned as an adult to nostalgic, meaningful and loving memories of that special time with my momma. You see, she’s been gone from this world for almost ten years now. Now it continues to be my time to continue on with the duties, responsibilities and privileges she modeled for me and instilled in…

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“None of us truly wins, until we all win.”

When a newspaper reporter interviewed a farmer who grew Award-Winning Maize each year he entered his maize in the Agricultural Show, it was revealed that the farmer shared his seed with his neighbours. Amazed, the reporter asked, “How can you afford to share your best seed with your neighbours when they are entering their maize … Continue reading “None of us truly wins, until we all win.”