Leef daar waar jy is

Elkeen van ons is geroep om God se Woord in die wêreld uit te dra. Sommige van ons werk voltyds as predikante en pastore. Die res van ons het ander beroepe of werksomstandighede. Sommige preek deur woorde en ander deur dade. Die feit bly staan: Elkeen van ons is geroep om Jesus aan die wêreld … Continue reading Leef daar waar jy is


Rejoice in GOD’s Attributes!

Rejoice, believer, but take care that your gladness has its spring in the Lord. You have much cause for gladness in God, for you can sing with David, "God my exceeding joy." 1. Be glad that the Lord reigns, that Jehovah is King! Rejoice that He sits on the throne and rules all things! Every attribute … Continue reading Rejoice in GOD’s Attributes!

The 66 books in Bible correspond with the 66 chapters in Isaiah!

Wag 'n Bietjie

Here’s something you won’t read anywhere: The 66 books in Bible correspond with the 66 chapters in Isaiah!

In other words, whatever chapter you’re reading in Isaiah, you’ll find striking comparisons to its numerical equivalent in the Old or New Testament.

I first heard about this phenomenon only a few weeks ago in a study given by my pastor, who, for all I know, came up with this discovery. He says he’s been researching the similarities for many years.

Jordan explains, “If you know enough about the book that compares with the chapter in Isaiah, you’ll see thought parallels out of the book that will be in the chapter. There won’t be prophecies about it; there’ll just be parallel thoughts.

“Isaiah starts out, ‘Earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord,’ and Genesis starts out, ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, earth, earth.’ Isaiah ends…

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