Wie vertoon jou lewe?

Die sterwe van JESUS dra ons altyd saam in ons liggaam, sodat ook die lewe van JESUS sigbaar kan word in ons liggaam. (📖 2 Korintiërs 4:10 📖) Vader Kolbe was ń Poolse Katolieke priester wat na Auschwitz gestuur is. In Augustus daardie jaar ontsnap ń gevangene uit hulle bunker. Die kampkommandant het beveel dat … Continue reading Wie vertoon jou lewe?


Spiritual Analysis

The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered: others said, An angel spake to him.  (Joh_12:29) Christ's Agony and God's Assurance The visit of these Greeks to Jesus was a very memorable hour in His experience. It opened up prospects to Him of a worldwide recognition, and in that recognition … Continue reading Spiritual Analysis

Praise ye the Lord, fruitful trees and all cedars.

"The cedars of Lebanon which he hath planted." (Psalms 104:16) Lebanon's cedars are emblematic of the Christian, in that they owe their planting entirely to the Lord. This is quite true of every child of God. He is not man-planted, nor self-planted, but God-planted. The mysterious hand of the divine Spirit dropped the living seed … Continue reading Praise ye the Lord, fruitful trees and all cedars.