God’s Wrath – Immoral Man

by Thomas Bass | Les Feldick https://youtu.be/CcD_fO0nbSw Continuing in Romans Chapter 1. We just completed laying out all the things that God did on our behalf the moment we believed as we saw in the word `Salvation’ and all that it implies. These things are appropriated only by faith – all the good things that God does … Continue reading God’s Wrath – Immoral Man

Bema Seat

by Thomas Bass | Les Feldick https://youtu.be/g9lp6Sj0RoA Through the Bible with Les Feldick Let’s recap our last lesson for a moment about who will go into the Kingdom. First we will have the remnant of Jews that God is going to protect during the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. They will be Jews … Continue reading Bema Seat