The book Isaiah is a miniature model of the Bible

by Dr. John Barnett Have you studied the ANCIENT PROPHETIC VOICE of God through Isaiah lately? I just finished teaching this magnificent book here in Asia. The early church called Isaiah the "Fifth Gospel", and it was Paul, Peter, John, and Jesus' FAVORITE book of the Bible. Isaiah is quoted from or alluded to 472 … Continue reading The book Isaiah is a miniature model of the Bible

A Window of Time to Serve

Content Author: Ray, Andrew Scripture Passage: Acts 13:36 A Window of Time to Serve - Acts 13:36 INTRODUCTION This life offers only a window of time to work for the Lord. Youth and old age both offer their own hindrances to service. In many ways, though not entirely, youth should be spent in learning, middle … Continue reading A Window of Time to Serve

An Open Letter to John Piper

Jonathan Camac



The reason for this letter is ultimately to thank you. Your words have had a profound impact and a solidifying effect on my faith. And yet, I have never met you. So it would make sense for me to outline how you fit into my story.

When I consider the people in the closest sphere of influence in my life, you do not sit among the parents, grandparents, pastors and friends that have come alongside me. Such people have, and will continue to have, a huge impact on my walk with Jesus.

My early life really set up the kindling. And a fire for God was definitely going by around Grade 10. But then a couple of years later, you waltzed into my life brandished with a flamethrower. And by the grace and power of God, began to ignite a passion in me.

It all started in early 2015. I listened to my first sermon by…

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Jesus: No Ordinary Teacher (Part 2)

Jonathan Camac


I’m currently undergoing an education degree. Training to be a teacher. And throughout my first year, I learnt some of the qualities and disciplines required of a good teacher.

In looking back on 2016, I began a summary of the key qualities to a proficient teacher. Just jotted some bullet points onto paper. And being a Jesus follower, knowing his claim to be our teacher, I looked at the list and asked myself one question:

How would Jesus stack up to the list?



In Part 1 we covered three of the bullet points. A good teacher has proficient knowledge of the content, has a passion for the topic and students, and knows how to convey the content in relevant and understandable ways.

Jesus aced the test. In fact, he far surpasses the standards of a good teacher. But now we turn our attention to three more qualities…

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