The Power Of Hate

Rants And Raves! Protect Our Rights as American Citizens!

I wrote this over 15 years ago at a time in my life when i was in total darkness. I found Christ and He led me out of this Darkness and freed me from the chains that the devil had bound me with. I’m an ex Satanist I believed because i sold my soul that there was no hope for me. But God showed me otherwise. Don’t let the Devils lies fool you into believing all is hopeless.
The Power Of Hate
Hate the little seed sometimes planted by others.
Its a very small seed like early cancer it goes undetected.
It grows as you grow and as your treated by others is how its affected.
Some can bury it but it never stays buried.
Others fight it but seldom do many win.
But with most that have had abuse mentally or physically.
It Grows. Like an unknown virus it spreads within you starting with…

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1371. On being asked to write a poem against the destruction of the natural world… ~Dale Biron

Sacred Touches

Poems we love are just songs
we must sing again and again.
~Dale Biron

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Well, yes I have written such poems on occasion and several times in fact, not because I was asked, but just because my heart or soul or maybe some other nameless part of me couldn’t help but do so. I’ve quoted Rachel Carson, Walt Whitman, and Wallace Stegner just to add intellectual heft to my haranguing. And based on what I can tell, so far none of my writing or talking has made a single bit of difference, except that I now stare dumbstruck at the magnificence of a single ocean wave, and cannot take my eyes off clouds and full moons or Giant Egrets, taking one tiny sacred step at a time. After all, isn’t every poem ever just a search and rescue party for our heart and soul– nothing protected, nothing saved, nothing sustained…

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Although the Bible is a book whose Author is God, there are millions of people in this world who have never read this wonderful book. Many of them say that the Bible is an uninteresting and boring book. To all these people I reply: the only reason that you find the Bible uninteresting and boring is that you do not know its Author.

Once, a young girl tried to read a book of poems. But after a few moments she put it aside because she found it dry and uninteresting. For a long time the book remained on the bookcase.The girl didn’t want to read it. Later, however, this girl met the young man who wrote the book of poems, she got acquainted with him and soon became friends. Soon, she took the book from the bookcase and began to read it,but this time she found that these were the…

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