Unpopular Truth

His eye is on the sparrow

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

If a truth is unpopular, often it is a sign that it calls for our closer scrutiny of why it may be unpopular. Is it because it is not truth? Or, more importantly, is it because it causes a general discomfort in many? If it is discomforting, it begs our investigation into WHY do so many find it uncomfortable? Often we find that it is discomforting because so many prefer anything that makes them feel good over truth. Even if it is a false sense of well-being. The burgeoning drug/alcohol culture bears witness.  -g.w

What does ‘Many are called but few are chosen’ in Matthew 22:14 mean?”

This statement is the conclusion to the Parable of the Wedding Feast. Jesus spoke this parable to show what the kingdom of heaven will be like when the end of the age comes. In the…

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Letter from John Newton| stalwart of our past

His eye is on the sparrow

 Due to the mainline churches of today increasingly becoming more prone to apostasy and heresy in their desire to be “relevant” in a changing society, I find it increasingly more fruitful to re-discover the words of mighty stalwarts from our Christian past.  -g.w.

From the Letters of John Newton: Letter to a new Christian

March 18, 1767
“Dear friend,
You have one hard lesson to learn, that is–the evil of your own heart. You know something of it, but it is needful that you should know more; for the more we know of ourselves–the more we shall prize and love Jesus and His wondrous salvation.
The more you know Him–the better you will trust Him.
The more you trust Him–the better you will love Him.
The more you love Him–the better you will serve Him.
This is God’s way. He is teaching you these things, and I trust He…

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I Know What It’s Like

My God, My Music, My Life

I know what it’s like to feel all alone

I know what it’s like to be a stranger in your own home

I know what it’s like to have words to speak

Only to  have them not come out when our eyes meet

I know what it’s like to have your heart broken

By words that should’ve been left unspoken

I know what it’s like to walk the streets of NYC and feel like the only one there

I know what’s it’s like to have someone who loves you say they no longer care

I know what it’s like to  lose and to mourn

I know what it’s like see the joy of a life born

I know what it’s like to fake a smile

I know what it’s like to go the extra mile

I know what it’s like to be rejected

I know what it’s like to feel…

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