The Grace of Appreciation

She hath done what she could Mar 14:8 Appreciation Alleviates DrudgeryFew gifts are more helpful than the gift of appreciation. It is like rain on the mown grass, or sunshine falling on the flowers. When one of our Scots ministers died, a very beautiful thing was said of him. It was said that there was … Continue reading The Grace of Appreciation

2017 – He Will Make a WAY

You are awesome

I know you had a hard year. But this does not mean you are going to have the same year as past. God knows your heart and He searches it. The framework of Christianity is; we believe a God He is alive and active in His people’s life. It is not for make a frame and hang it on the wall. The Bible is full of promises of God.

Love of God make a way ; even it seems there is no way.

When God opens the door who is able to shut it . When He promises to You, It is yours no one can steal it from you. Have Faith . Still He will make a way for you. A new day coming; a new year’s coming. Just open your mouth and say Thank you Lord. Let your heart shout with thanking God. There is no reason for…

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