The Beauty and Blessing of Forgiveness (1)

by John MacArthur | Grace to You If you will, open your New Testament and try to find Philemon. It is tucked between – well, just in front of the book of Hebrews might help, just in front of the book of Hebrews. Why should we look at the book of Philemon? Philemon is a very important … Continue reading The Beauty and Blessing of Forgiveness (1)

Jesus knew that Judas would betray him.

Think about this for a second. Jesus knew. He goes into that room with His disciples. He knows He is going to be betrayed. He knows it is Judas who will turn against him. He knows that He has been sold out for a handful of silver. Stabbed in the back by one He has … Continue reading Jesus knew that Judas would betray him.

Let go..


Forgiveness is not just a religious thing,

It’s for Everyone who wants to be emotionally and spiritually Free

I can choose to replay hurtful scenarios in my mind or I can choose to let it go and forgive for the sake of my well being.

I know its easier said then done but seriously if you think about it , replaying hurtful things in your mind and carrying bitterness everywhere you go – sounds more miserable.

Forgiveness is not a one time thing , it’s a daily process.

Choosing every day to forgive is another step closer to complete freedom .

Forgiving yourself is important too

This is something I struggle with daily .. I am quite hard on myself but all it does is ruin my peace and joy.

All humanity is flawed

We have to understand we are imperfect people..this will give us room to have compassion for…

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Christian Responsibility and Accountability (2)

Understanding the Situation Text: Ephesians 2:1-10 As we begin this series, we must have a clear, certain understanding. This series focuses on accepting responsibility for our poor choices, mistakes, and ignorance. This series is NOT about earning our salvation. A huge problem in many Christians' lives is produced by the belief/conviction that a Christian must … Continue reading Christian Responsibility and Accountability (2)