Forewarned, Forearmed

We are not ignorant of his devices 2Cor 2:11 This is a chapter of autobiography. It is one of the glimpses we get into the great human heart that everywhere throbs in these epistles. Some men's doctrine is so divorced from their life and their experience that the two seem separate spheres not to be … Continue reading Forewarned, Forearmed

The Grace of Happy-Heartedness

I would have you without carefulness; Cast thy burden upon the Lord1Cor. 7:32; Psa_55:22 There are few graces which the world admires so much as the grace of a cheerful heart. There is a certain perennial attraction in men and women who bear their burdens well. When we see a face all lined with care … Continue reading The Grace of Happy-Heartedness

The Lamp

The lamp of thy body is thine eye — Luk 11:34 (R.V.) Everything We See Depends on the Condition of the EyesAt first sight this might seem to thoughtful readers a somewhat inappropriate comparison. For a lamp is an organ that distributes light, and the eye an organ that receives it. Put a lamp into … Continue reading The Lamp