How do you make Godly decisions?

Bible Reading: 2 Corinthians 3:7-18; 2 Peter 2:6-7 As a result of the devotional three days ago, about the importance of making righteous decisions, I have received an email containing a question that needs be answered, and to air it publicly would be helpful. The question was, “How do you make righteous choices? Or any … Continue reading How do you make Godly decisions?

Grace abounds in the midnight hour…

Where Love Abounds

Shame is the liar that wraps itself around you, dragging you down with every step…

In the grip of struggles, challenges, addictions, bad habits, when guilt already wreaks havoc, shame comes to steal the hope that once offered release.

Shame will never be the factor that sets you free – shame often pulls you deeper into the very places you long to run from.

In our own strength we rarely find freedom, there’s a greater power needed to break the chains that enslave us. That power is grace.

I’ve walked through many troubles, stepped too close to the edge of life too many times, and by God’s grace I’m still here. Many of these experiences were journeys that took time…and lots of it. Choosing daily who I was living for.

One time I found myself up against a new challenge, one I had never expected to face, causing me…

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