The Name of Jesus

Unashamed of Jesus

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name Philippians 2:9

Is the name Jesus pagan? There are some who are claiming the name Jesus is inaccurate, even some that go as far to say the name Jesus is a pagan variation of the name Zeus.  I’m here to tell you this is absolutely false and will show you how the name Jesus came about.

The Hebrew name of our Messiah is Yeshua (means Yahweh is Salvation)  when you translate that name directly to English it becomes Joshua. However, remember the New Testament was written in Greek, so when you translate Yeshua to Greek it becomes Lesous. When you translate Greek Lesous to English it becomes Jesus, If you want to prove this for yourself use Google translator

Is it wrong to call on the name of Jesus? Absolutely not…

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Jesus for President (Part 2)

The Ministry of JC


I’m officially sick of politics.

But there’s seriously no competition in the race for best PM and government when Jesus is in the picture. And in the end, our vote doesn’t determine his rule and reign. This baby is happening.

The ball is in your court to decide whether you want to be part of His government. In Part 1 we discussed three reasons why Jesus is (by far) the best leader the world has and will ever see. So without further ado, here’s three more reasons in this – Part 2:


  • He provides the solution to the biggest problem facing humanity

Forget the economy. Forget jobs. Forget global warming. Forget social status.

The single biggest issue facing the world today is death. Nobody escapes it. Everyone plays to its tune. And so we dance our way around in life, looking for ways to prolong what is destined for…

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