Victory in Jesus

This afternoon I have a message which I believe is perhaps the most important that I’m ever able to
preach. I believe that I can unfold to you this afternoon the one fact which the devil is more determined
than anything else to keep from the knowledge of God’s people. And so I want to devote all my time and
all my energy and every ability that God has given me to make this message plain to you this afternoon,
and I’m sure that you’ll be praying that God will help me to do it.

Yesterday we spoke in the evening on the theme that we the church are the salt of the earth, the light
on the world and a city that is set on an hill. We occupy a unique position in the world. We have unique
privileges and unique responsibilities. The course and destiny of the nation in which we live and the
nations of the world depends on us. If we fail, if we do not exercise the responsibility and fulfill the
position which God has given us according to His Word, then we are salt that has lost its savor and we are thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and to be trodden under foot of men.

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