How NOT to treat a woman.

rough transcript:

It may sound kind of uh just too simple but you need to hear it and it’s this.

You do not treat a girl like you do one of your friends who’s male. I don’t care
if you think she’s your best friend in the world you do not treat her like you
would a boy, like you would a man.

And another thing guys what you are doing if i know a lot of guys who say
well my best friend is this girl. What on earth are you doing? That’s wrong
it’s just flat out wrong. You say why is it wrong?

Here’s something you need to understand a girl does not listen to what you
say she listens she listens or she looks at what you do. You can tell her all day
long you are just friends she is not going to believe you if you keep coming

And even though you probably cannot see it, if she’s still around you and
hanging around you as a friend it’s because that’s the best that she can do
right now, and she’s hoping your sentiments toward her will change.

You are doing wrong okay. When i talked about you enter into a relationship
with someone of the opposite sex you enter in a relationship with a girl that
there is an emotional bond there that’s never going to be erased, even if there’s
no physical contact.

Well it’s even more so for her. It’s even more so for her, okay. When you are
around girls you treat them with the utmost dignity even though it might
even be offensive to them.

I mean honestly i want to tell you something we live in an age where i discern
many times when when i’m in certain situations in the street or whatever going
on a campus, being in a high school, walking through a mall.

What has happened to the feminine gender is frightening the horrible things
that i’ve heard them say the things the spirit that they carry many times it’s
more dangerous it’s more frightening than even what you see in young men i’m
telling you guys our culture is just totally messed up so that the ideas of
purity innocence chasteness are just out the window it’s mocked not just among
guys it’s mocked among girls.

But you are to be different you are to treat girls completely different. You do not
wrestle with them, you do not play with them, you do not punch them, you do not
grab them, you do not yell at them, you do not talk to them the way that you may
roughhouse around another guy.

God’s will is that you demonstrate the utmost respect and you afford them dignity
even if they do not even care.

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