Hear what I mean, not what I say. (oc)

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r/funny - Hear what I mean, not what I say. (oc)


by Ouch_i_fell_down – I used to work at a pizza place. We specialized in tomato pies. There are at least a dozen different ways to make a tomato pie. Some places use cheese, others don’t; Some use a thin sauce, some chunky; Most serve them hot, some serve them cold; some always have garlic or basil or both, others that’s an additional topping… there are tons of ways to make a tomato pie. My restaurant served hot with cheese and a chunky tomato sauce, no garlic or basil.

Had a customer call who was a regular for years. Always ordered pizzas, never tomato pies. One day she calls and orders a tomato pie. Said she’s just tried ours recently and loves it. Better than our pizza. She’s never going back to pizza. Ok, great *BOOM* tomato pie at her door.

She calls back “why does my tomato pie have cheese on it?”

“Because that’s how we make them if you don’t specify no cheese”

“The last 3 i got didn’t have cheese on them”

“If you’re unhappy I’ll gladly send you a new one exactly how you want it, that’s not a problem. But for future reference, if you don’t want cheese on your tomato pie you need to ask for no cheese. Our tomato pie has cheese normally”

“How long have you worked there?”

“13 years. since the day the place opened, and before I worked here I worked at the previous restaurant which used the same recipe”

“You’re wrong, and I’m never ordering from you again”

She never got her cheeseless tomato pie either. Because she didn’t want what she thought she ordered, she wanted to argue. Her husband called back to apologize, and asked to confirm if we normally put cheese on our tomato pies. I told him we did. He said he was sorry. Then the wife called back to speak to the owner to tell him I was rude. He said “ma’am, I was standing next to my cashier the whole time he was on the phone with you, i heard every word he said, he was never rude. He told you we would make you exactly what you want for free, and gave you advice on how to prevent this problem in the future. Our tomato pies have always had cheese, we’ll gladly make you one without anytime you specify, but you have to specify or we wont know”. She hung up on him. The husband called back and apologized to the owner but said they wouldn’t be customers anymore.

It’s been at least 3 years and they haven’t ordered from us since.

I imagine she was a joy to be married to.

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