Homemade biltong using a dehydrator.

Wag 'n Bietjie

byWag ‘n Bietjie

The word dehydrator sounds a bit ominous at first but it is indeed a very useful piece of equipment for the making of biltong, a dried meat enjoyed by South Africans and also other countries. Recently I modified a chest type container for use as a dehydrator and have successfully made a batch of dried meat a.k.a. biltong. My intent here is to encourage others to attempt this rewarding (and tasty) exercise. This is by no means an in depth tutorial but merely holds forth the process which lies within the grasp and capability of most people.

The making of biltong involves:

  • a dehydrator
  • suitable cut of meat
  • seasoning
  • drying

The dehydrator made from a 85l container. Air holes at the bottom & rods, dowels or pipes to hang the meat for drying.

Dehydrator with the lid on. Two old computer fans mounted on the lid…

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