Episode 05 / Good and Evil – The Animated Series

When the priests selected the bull as the image to worship, they unknowingly selected the very image of Lucifer, the sinful cherub.

They were worshiping the Devil, and he was delighted, for he was turning the people away from the promise of God concerning a coming redeemer.



The critically-acclaimed Good and Evil (2012 Telly Award Winner, Independent Publishers 2008 Bronze Medal Winner in Graphic Novel / Drama category and 2008 Forward Book Award Finalist) truly is “the ultimate superhero” graphic novel. It is making a huge impact worldwide. It is now being translated and distributed in dozens of languages, both in print and online, with dozens of more translations in progress. Catch the vision to “publish the gospel among all nations” and be part of this incredible phenomenon.

The Good and Evil project has one goal: To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Good and Evil gives the listener, viewer, and reader an understanding of the Bible from beginning to end, Genesis to Revelation. Good and Evil is a bold missionary. It can squeeze its way into closed countries where missionaries are not allowed. The fantastic art, done in the popular style of Marvel Comics, makes it popular where other gospel literature would be rejected or destroyed. The purchase of the Animated Video Series directly supports the full Good and Evil vision. These little missionary books and videos will keep telling the message over and over again as they lie around waiting for someone else to pick them up. In many cases a single copy will be read or viewed by as many as 100 people. Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”.

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