God will change!|!خدا تغییر خواهد داد

A Voice from Iran

Once upon a time;

There lived a rich man who had a beautiful daughter. The rich man’s daughter loved a young man who had no money at all. The poor boy came to the rich man’s house and asked for his daughter’s hand of marriage.


The rich man said: “My daughter grew up wealthy. She will suffer from marrying you. I can’t ever let that happen. She should marry a well-off person to have a comfortable life.”


The daughter begged his father and said: “God will help him grow and make a better life for me. He makes me happy, and love is fundamental.”


The father said: “God won’t make any changes in anyone’s life. People change their own lives, not God.”Then threw him out.


Time passed, and a wealthy young man came to visit the rich man. Everyone in town Knew that wealthy young man for being a cruel…

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