Understanding the Remains of Noah’s Ark.

The discovery of titanium in such a high concentration is of special interest. The process by which titanium could be produced as a metal has only been known since 1936.

by Wyatt Archaeological Research

The entire key to understanding the evidence which confirms that this site DOES in fact contain the remains of Noah’s Ark, is understanding the condition of the remains. The “world” has a preconceived notion of what they will accept, and that is:

  • a recognizable wooden ship, (still intact after 4,300 years),
  • and the ship MUST be on the volcanic mountain known as Mt. Ararat.
  • The concept of the ark’s appearance has been further enhanced by those who interpreted the fact that the ark had rooms to mean that it had to look like a barge-shaped houseboat instead of a ship.
  • This concept has been based on the many claimed sightings of the ark on Mt. Ararat- and not a single sighting is accompanied by any evidence.

The Ark- NOT Barge-Shaped
First of all, a barge-shaped vessel could not survive on the open seas. Any sailor can tell you that. In fact, the idea is preposterous. The oil tankers of today, which traverse the open seas, have a hull which is NOT flat on the bottom, but instead is rounded. The wave action of the stormy seas today cannot compare with the turmoil of the open seas of the flood, which extended the entire surface of the earth- if a barge-shaped ship today cannot sail the ocean, erase the idea of a barge-shaped ark from your mind. This simply IS NOT a possibility. If you want to research the subject yourself, go to the library and look up “ships and ship-building” and/or “fluid dynamics” or “hydrodynamics”.

The “boat-shaped object” is not barge-shaped- it displays the shape of a sea-going vessel. Therefore, from the beginning of its discovery in the stereo-photo, it had this one feature already in its favor.

The Ark Would Not have Survived on Mt. Ararat . . .

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