The GOD Who Does Things

Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!” – Ps 66:5 NIV

To understand the greatness of God, Christian believers need to be aware of what other religions were about in Biblical times. Most of them created gods with mythical stories about their doings. They used images carved from wood so that the devotees could see what the god looked like. Some of the worshippers used features of nature such as the sun or a river or an animal to depict their god. Some of the images were carved from stone, others were shaped from some metal. But they were all created by human beings. They were static. They did nothing. They were just there. People prayed to them and brought sacrifices to them. But they never heard the prayers of the people.

The Israelites’ God was different. He acted. His great intervention at the exodus in Egypt proved he was a God who acts – for all time. They never forgot this unique fact about their God – he did things, he was a living God, a creator, a re-creator, a guide and a provider. And he loved and showed his love in the care he exercised for his people.

Christians know that his greatest act for all mankind was in sending Jesus Christ. And Jesus did things – healing people, teaching them, gathering them into a community, redeeming them and dying for them on Calvary. When he rose from the dead it was yet another mighty deed for all mankind.

He still does things – working renewal, maturity and growth in people’s lives. He brings hope where once there was despair, light to replace darkness, joy to replace sadness and sorrow and love to replace alienation.


Lord, make me increasingly aware of your deeds.

source : faith for daily living . . .

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