Let go..


Forgiveness is not just a religious thing,

It’s for Everyone who wants to be emotionally and spiritually Free

I can choose to replay hurtful scenarios in my mind or I can choose to let it go and forgive for the sake of my well being.

I know its easier said then done but seriously if you think about it , replaying hurtful things in your mind and carrying bitterness everywhere you go – sounds more miserable.

Forgiveness is not a one time thing , it’s a daily process.

Choosing every day to forgive is another step closer to complete freedom .

Forgiving yourself is important too

This is something I struggle with daily .. I am quite hard on myself but all it does is ruin my peace and joy.

All humanity is flawed

We have to understand we are imperfect people..this will give us room to have compassion for…

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GOD notices you …

Why do you complain ... "My way is hidden from the LORD" ... Those who hope in the LORD, will renew their strength. - 📖 Isaiah 40:27,31 📖 One day, one of the ministers in our congregation hosted a television service and invited listeners to call in and tell him about their problems. People did call ~ … Continue reading GOD notices you …

A Prayer for Fighting Suicidal Thoughts

Beth Ann Baus Over the years, I’ve learned three important things about fighting suicidal thoughts: Having suicidal thoughts and being suicidal are two different things. Both, however are very serious and deserve attention. People have suicidal thoughts for a wide range of reasons. Therefore you shouldn’t compare yourself, your circumstances or your state of mind … Continue reading A Prayer for Fighting Suicidal Thoughts

God won’t let you off the hook

1 Thessalonians 1:8-9 NIV Jack Eckerd, founder of the Eckerd drugstore chain, which was the second-largest drug chain in America at the time, became friends with Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship. He introduced Colson to various influential groups in Florida in an effort to bring about change in the state's prison system. During their … Continue reading God won’t let you off the hook

Confessions of a MoM..



I never understood why God gave me four girls .. I first thought with my first daughter Larisa , how perfect she was and how happy I was to have her .

I always knew I wanted her to have a little sister ..every little girl should have a sister  – I mean , I did .. Me and my sister always did everything together ! I mean EVERYTHING ! .. We had the same friends we even were in the same class in school
We got married the same time we had children the same time we even live close by each other (Not on Purpose)

So you know what I mean.. It was nice having someone to talk to someone to share secrets with someone to have your back.. And that’s what I wanted for my daughter Larisa.

Two years later surely I found out I was pregnant…

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