GOD is aware of every facet of our lives!

… to know the love of CHRIST which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with the fullness of GOD. – 📖 Ep. 3 : 19 📖

At times I am quite scatterbrained. Like the other day when I dropped my cell phone in my cup of tea! Yes, I was ashamed to tell others why my cell phone wasn’t working!
So I hid my cell phone and with sealed lips decided to pray it “alive” again.

When my husband later asked me where my cell phone was I explained to him that I had prayed to GOD to repair it within 48 hours, his words were:

“My dear wife, I really don’t think our FATHER listens to people’s cell phone repair prayers.”

How thankful was I when the cell phone did wórk again after two days like a brand new one!

Well, this is now not a challenge~God~to~do~the~impossible~call. Much rather a short cut to confess that our FATHER dóés listen to our trivial requests and still can let miracles happen. Naturally it is HIS right to answer us as HÉ sees fit. And must we also be able to accept HIS “No”.

🗣 Please share your whole heart and life with your FATHER. HE cares for every big and small aspect of the person you are!

🙏🏻 Thank you that I can bring everything in my life to YOUR throne and that YOU (sometimes amused) really listen to me … Amen.

🕊☝🏻 Šhåłøm ☝🏻🕊

milanie vosloo | ousus

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