From calamities lilies can grow ….

Joseph named the firstborn Manasseh, saying, ” GOD has made me forget all my hardship and all my father’s household.” – 📖 Genesis 41:51 📖

Sometimes calamities simply snowballs. It is as if the one bad thing on top of the other comes rolling to us and later we can’t defend or handle the setbacks anymore. We then wonder: Where is GOD in all these things? What is the end of it all?

I wonder if Joseph also wrestled like that when the one piece of unfairness after the other came over his path and he had to sit and eat dry porridge in prison. And yet the end of this story is absolutely wonderful! Joseph becomes the viceroy of Egypt, is reunited with his family and lives the second half of his life as a respected, successful and happy man. Clearly GOD has grown wonderful lilies from Joseph’s calamities.

Today I want to encourage you not to loose courage in times of unhappiness and disappointments. Hold on to your FATHER’S faithfulness more than ever in such times, make even more time to become quiet with HIM and shed out your heart and keep believing unshakably in the good that comes from HIS Hand!

🙌🏻 We worship a GOD that wants only the best for HIS children and therefore can create any situation into a wonderful end. May we have the courage to hold on in such times, to stand firm and to believe even more unshakably!

🙏🏻 LORD, help me to believe unshakable…! Amen.

🕊🕆 Şhåļøm 🕆🕊

source : Ousus


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