Alive To God – Daily Thought


Romans 8:26     (TPT)

‘And in a similar way, the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness.’

  • The Lord never abandons us but He comes to us to help us.
  • He wants to come and take hold of your hand and hold you.
  • Especially when we feel weak and frail He comes to take hold of us.
  • In the process He comes and empowers us to be able to walk in His strength.

Prayer: Lord, how thankful and grateful I am to have You in my life. You are the one who takes me by the hand and gives me the strength and the power that I need. Amen.


Romeine 8:26

‘En net so kom ook die Gees ons swakhede te hulp, …’

  • Die Here verlaat ons nooit nie maar Hy kom na ons toe om ons te help.
  • Hy wil kom en jou hand neem en jou vashou.
  • Hy kom om ons vas te hou veral wanneer ons swak en broos voel.
  • In die proses kom Hy en versterk ons om in Sy krag te kan lewe.

Gebed: Vader, ek is so dankbaar om U in my lewe teenwoordig te hê. U is die een wat my hand neem en vir my die sterkte en krag gee wat ek nodig het.  Amen.


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