Easter Message Story…

In his third year in grade 2, the school got a new teacher who thought from the outset that Hannes did not belong in an ordinary school. Not fair on him or the other 18 children in class … and mostly for her nerves.

She asked his parents to come to school the following afternoon and tried to explain to them that Hannes does not actually belong in school. The mother cried only quietly in her handkerchief while the father tried to explain that the nearest school for disabled children is 1000 km far, that Hannes is sensitive to his environment, difficult to adapt and that he is happy at school. “Besides, we do not think we’ll have him with us for a long time,” said the father.

That night the teacher could not sleep. What if it was her child? She admired the parents for their love and dedication. And the passage in the Bible where Jesus says, “What did you do to one of the least, you do to me?” Continued to haunt her.

The next day she called the parents and said Hannes could stay. And after that, it went surprisingly well. It was as if Hannes was quieter and worked better.

Just before Easter, the teacher wanted to teach something from Easter to the children and, above all, convey the concept that a “newer life” originated from Jesus’ death.

She gave each of the children one of those plastic egg toys that you can open, hide something inside and close up again. They had to bring it back the next day with something that symbolized “new life”. Hannes pondered for a long time, with just half a smile on his face. The teacher did not think he understood anything about the assignment.

The next morning, all 19 learners had to put their eggs in a basket on her table. In the first one there was a rose bud “It’s very beautiful” she said “The rose is opening and it thus symbolizes new life.” In the next egg was a butterfly, made of cloth which also depicts life from the cocoon. And so every egg has told a story. A few times she moved one little egg aside, because she could feel there was nothing inside. She suspected whose it was and thought the class would not even notice that one egg remained untouched.

“What about mine,” Hannes shouted. Then she had to pick up and open the egg. “Hannes, but there’s nothing in here?” she said. “It’s correct teacher, but Jesus’s grave was also empty. They buried him there, but then his father came to get him out of there”

Three months later, Hannes died unexpectedly.

Everyone was surprised when there was just a basket of plastic eggs

on the top of the coffin in the church, all of then empty.

I never thought of easter eggs as the beginning of a new life.
This story explained this concept so simply and beautifully.

Salome | source : Ousus

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