Sex is Sacred

“You shall not commit adultery”. – Ex 20:14 NIV

One Christian thinker, Richard Foster, claimed that there are three great problem areas for Christians. They are money, power and sex. They are problem areas for every human being, not only Christian believers. The seventh commandment puts it simply and clearly: you shall not commit adultery, which means that engaging in the sex act outside of marriage is against the law of God. In an age when sex outside of marriage is a commonly accepted practice this confronts Christian believers with a Godward reference to sexual activity. Why does the law of God condemn sex outside of marriage? – because it regards sex as sacred.

“What the words ‘you shall not commit adultery’ call us to face, is, first, that sex is for marriage and for marriage only; second that marriage must be seen as a relation of lifelong fidelity; third that other people’s marriages must not be interfered with by sexual intrusion. One mark of true maturity is to grasp these principles and live by them.

Not that Scripture is squeamish about sexual joy, as Christians have sometimes been. Passages like Proverbs 5:18ff and the Song of Songs show that God, who invented it, is all for it – in its place! But sexual activity is often out of place – when, for instance, it is directed by such motives as the quest for kicks, or for relief from mental or physical tension, or loneliness or boredom, or the desire to control or humiliate, or mere animal reaction to someone’s sex appeal. Such motives cheapen sex, making it (despite the short-term excitement) trivial and ugly, and leaving behind, once the thrill is over, more disgust than delight” (J. I. Packer, Keeping the Ten Commandments, p83, 84).


Lord, give me a healthy attitude to sex.

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