“I killed Jesus”

by Christina Mead While I read the story of Christ’s passion and death in the Gospel of Matthew, I was looking for myself in the story. Which character am I? What is God trying to teach me? Well…. I think that I am every character in the story of the passion and death of Christ. … Continue reading “I killed Jesus”

A Worship Manifesto

Mitch Teemley

I previously served as Director of Worship at a large church. Near the end of my first year I presented this Manifesto to my team. Easter Week seems like a good time to pass it along to others, especially anyone involved in leading worship. 

We’re called to love God with our whole being (Deuteronomy 6:5). We should worship that way too. But how? Here are Seven Points that can help us fulfill our calling as worship leaders:

Get the order right.Paul Baloche reminds us that “the flow (of a worship service) begins in the heart.” We must seek God in every aspect of our lives, and then continue our worship by drawing others into His presence. People should see Him in us, and say, “I want that, too!”

Worship is a response. It doesn’t begin with us. The key Bible words for worship are reactions: Shachah (Hebrew) means to…

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