To Know You…

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To know you is to want to know you more

Last night, I was trying so hard to remember a song I used to listen to when I was in undergrad.  I literally only remembered too words from that song, which meant that even a google search would not be of much help.  I woke up this morning still thinking about this song– I still couldn’t remember (I felt a little sad).  I got out of bed, started my morning devotions and as I was about to finish my prayer, the title of the song came back to my head!  Yay! The song is titled “No matter What,” googling the title helped me remember the artist (Kerrie Roberts), and I was able to listen to the song. #Excited. (I think it’s a good song, try listening to it if you can).

I LOVE listening to music– maybe that is why I was a little sad that I couldn’t…

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