What’s wrong with fashion – Is it a SIN?

by Omiunu Ojinga gideon

Entering the kingdom of God is very simple, however, just too wide to comprehend and we as Christians should not take it for granted. There are many things that will make many Christians lose heaven on that last day. One major prayer I pray everyday, is that I will make heaven in Jesus name and I pray for you too that he will help you make heaven.

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world – John 2:15-16

Fashion is good, in fact the world has been changing fashionably in a very high pace, and at the same time, the devil also uses it to be a means of distraction to the church. The devil has nothing he invented to orchestrate evil, all he does is to wisely work upon what God has made, so that even the ‘so called believer’ do not see anything wrong in it, because, off course it was God that created it. Many Christians could tell you where they sell the most expensive fashionable wears, jewelries, bags, etc., but they do not even know where to buy a bible or morning devotional guide. They invest on their body fashionably and they possess a torn and neglected bible. What a tragedy, they are wastes and useless to the kingdom of God. This will be more conceptualized when you walk into any church. You see Christians with costly apparel but with a torn and neglected bible. Their physical appearance which is but a minute value is very clean and well taken care of, but their spiritual man which is of very high value is lavishing with dryness, malnourished and void of God’s knowledge.

Others have all it takes, good bible and good apparel but use their fashion as oppression in and outside the church. Many use their fashion to drag others to hell. Their fashion exposes their nakedness; half of their breast will be outside. Other fashions will be so tight that it doesn’t need water to expose themselves. Fashion is good, but have this in mind, that on that day of judgment, many will go to hell because of fashion. Everything in the world are of the devil and not of God. Most women will almost drain their husbands because of fashion. They divide and divert the money which supposed to be used for the family welfare for their own self-centered fashion. I pray that God should have mercy on you and you change because if not, it won’t be long nemesis will catch up with you. Many ladies are into full-time or part-time prostitution because of fashion. Fashion has led and is still leading many to hell.

I want us to make a fashion and body analysis my very pastor {Pastor R.B. Adeyemo} did:

Of all your fashions, eateries, bags, cars, etc, when one dies, no matter how fat you are, you will not be more than N150 at death. What ! How! I will explain. A tipper of sand he said, cost at most N4500, at that time of the analysis and there are approximately 33 bricklayer’s pales in that one same tipper. When one dies, the body will rot, and the sand gotten from this rotten body will however, not full one bricklayer’s pale. Now a bricklayer ‘s pale of sand will cost 4500/33 = N136. So for all your life time, you have been running after just N136; running after cars, fashions, eateries, etc. All these things never follow one to death. Right at that moment, when you closed your eyes, you will bid bye to them and you will be stripped naked. Only what counts is your spiritual deeds. All your mansions, cars, status [either acquired or inherited] will only cost but N136 at death, which is not even upto a dollar. Your value and worth can however, be increased in your spiritual makeup. There is a purpose for you more than just living on this earth and dressing neatly, chasing after all available fashions. This purpose is that God wants you to be his vessel, to display his glory to humanity, loving others, sharing what you have, investing in the lives of people and the LORD . God bless you.

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