My Choice is His Choice

“He shall choose our inheritance for us” – Ps. 47:4

Our enemies would allot us a very dreary portion, but we are not left
in their hands. The Lord will cause us to stand in our lot, and our
place is appointed by His infinite wisdom. A wiser mind than our own
arranges our destiny. The ordaining of all things is with God, and we
are glad to have it so; we choose that God should choose for us. If we
might have our own way we would wish to let all things go in God’s way.

Being conscious of our own folly, we would not desire to rule our own
destinies. We feel safer and more at ease when the Lord steers our
vessel than we could possibly be if we could direct it according to our
own judgment. Joyfully we leave the painful present and the unknown
future with our Father, our Saviour, our Comforter.

O my soul, this day lay down thy wishes at Jesus feet! If thou hast of
late been somewhat wayward and willful, eager to be and to do after
thine own mind, now dismiss thy foolish self, and place the reins in
the Lord’s hands. Say, “He shall choose.” If others dispute the
sovereignty of the Lord, and glory in the freewill of man, do thou
answer them, “He shall choose for me.” It is my freest choice to let
Him choose. As a free agent, I elect that He should have absolute sway.

from : Faith’s Check Book by C H Spurgeon

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