Poem : Hold your heart

Hold Your Heart

© Ashley Bahr

Published: July 2012

Remember those days when you were young?
Life was as easy as it could be
There were laughs, and stories, and dreams
You saw the sunshine and you were free

Well there comes a point when you realize
That you finally have to grow up
And that hiding under your covers
Won’t ever be quite enough

I know those days when it feels like
There’s no way you can keep going on
Life just isn’t worth living
And nothing could be more wrong

Those days when it’s such a struggle
Just to pull yourself out of the bed
The depression, it overwhelms you
The fearful thoughts are spinning through your head

Those days when you feel so broken
And the pieces keep falling apart
Your sky grows stormy and gray
Too much pain for this young, burdened heart

You feel like there’s no solution
To this riddle or game they call life
And when it’s your darkest hour
It is then that I’ll show you the light

The light at the end of the tunnel
When you thought maybe this was the end
I promise there’s beautiful sunshine
On this dark road with sharp turns and bends

Though it may not always seem it
There’s still happiness in this place
And what you have to realize
Is that it takes a little faith

I have always been here with you
Just as I always will be
And when life knocks you down so low
Just put your trust in me

So remember those days when you were young
Life was as easy as it could be
There were laughs, and stories, and dreams
You saw the sunshine and you were free

Well now here in your darkest hour
Get under the covers and turn out the light
Close your eyes and dream, my child
Let me hold your heart tonight


by Jo H. Morris, Carrollton, Ga, 1 year ago

I love your poem! After my Dad left and I started to get bullied, I stopped believing in God. In my mind, there was no such thing as Christ. So, after I moved schools my sophomore year in high school, I got turned in twice that same year, for being suicidal. I`m not suicidal. I was never. But after that, I realized I needed to change something. My best friend tried to get me to come back to church, so I went with him one morning. It was great being back in church, but I didn’t feel like this was right. So after a month of being back in church, I broke down, and asked for forgiveness. I started to believe again. My best friend and family was amazed about how I totally changed my life around. Now, I feel like nothing can stop me…

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