Life without God is vanity

by Love God Greatly

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Over the summer I read an article about Markus Persson, the developer of the popular video game, Minecraft. In the article it stated that Persson had sold his video game company in the last year to Microsoft and amassed a fortune reaching well into the BILLIONS. Using some of the money from the sale of his company, he recently purchased a 23,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills for $70 million dollars! Yet despite his recent fortune, in a tweet this past summer, he confessed he wasn’t happy.

Minecraft Tweet

Reading through the article, I thought of King Solomon and many of the things he shares in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Life without God is vanity.

Now King Solomon, of anyone, should know the truth of that statement. After all, God blessed Solomon with wisdom and fortune. If money, success, fame and power could bring happiness to one’s life…well the book of Ecclesiastes would read a little differently.

But that’s what I LOVE about this book…it points directly back to the values of our world and claims…it’s all vanity. Anything apart from God is vanity.

And Solomon, the author of Ecclesiastes, should know. He had it all.

Though the book of Ecclesiastes was written thousands of years ago, the wisdom shared in it is relevant today.

After living a life where he denied himself nothing, Solomon writes Ecclesiastes with the hope and purpose to show the next generation that living a life apart from God is meaningless.

All this world has to offer is an empty life.

I can almost hear the sorrow through Solomon’s words as he looks back on his life and declares his heartbreak and disappoint in the choices he made and eternal investments he didn’t.

It’s almost as if he cups our faces in his hands, looks us square in the eyes and says,

“Don’t waste your life! Let me share with you what I’ve learned and spare you the heartache and disappointment I’ve felt over my poor choices…life without God is vanity.”

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