Unmasking the Accuser

Unmasking the Accuser: How to Fight Satan’s Favorite Lie

By Kynan Bridges

When was the last time a Christian hurt you? The demonic trio of slander, gossip, and offense has gained huge momentum both in our society and in the church. They ruin marriages, relationships, destroy churches, and discredit those in spiritual leadership.
Even worse, instead of fighting them, believers daily aid these spirits. And daily, other believers fall victim. The church’s main problem today is a lack of love, forgiveness, and unity. Satan’s favorite lie is that spiritual attacks always come from outside—that Christians can’t hurt each other. But when Pastor Kynan Bridges rips the mask off of the accuser, the truth is revealed: Satan’s spirits of slander, gossip, and offense are determined to tear the kingdom apart, and they use believers to do it—leading to bitterness and spiritual disease.
With a careful study of the Word of God, Pastor Kynan shows a way out. In this book, you will learn how to: Recognize the devastation of slander Identify the satanic nature of gossip Avoid the temptation to be hurt and offended Release those who have wounded you Use love and forgiveness as a powerful weapon to walk in victory over the enemy, the accuser of the brethren.

Foreword from the book…

As a veteran to spiritual warfare, prayer, and the revelatory ways of God, the contents of his book are things I teach. So I am thrilled to see another voice, another person of high character, a person in another sphere, teaching what I would teach. Yes! This book is filled with practical, relatable, and inspirational tools to help you grow and mature in your walk with God.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what you do, God is speaking down to you. Now He is saying many things, things that shape and change our world, but think first simply about that grace-filled fact: God is speaking to you! lt’s not just the things He whispers to our hearts, it’s that He whispers to our hearts and transforms us into lovers of Him. When we hold this knowledge close as we go about our day, listening for His voice, we quietly perform one part of the lost art of practicing His presence. We watch grace grow. Love. Perseverance. Gentleness.

But God is not the only one speaking to you. His is not the only voice in your ear. Hundreds of other voices swirl around us demanding our attention and often pulling us down.

We all know it, if we’re honest. Instead of leaning back into the sure sway of the Spirit, we find ourselves lending an ear to things we shouldn’t. Backbiting. Pettiness. Gossip. Complaining. If you‘ve been around Christians, you unfortunately know exactly what l’m talking about. Who among us hasn’t been in a situation where words caused wounding beyond comprehension’? In my years of ministry through God Encounters Ministries, I have seen it over and over. So where does all this wounding come from?

The answer is more uncomfortable than most of us are willing to admit. More personal than we want to confront. My friend Dr. Kynan Bridges masterfully speaks a word of truth over the discord and disunity seeping into the precious body of God-followers by demonstrating that when we lend an ear to slander and gossip, we are welcoming in the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan. He is the one planting accusations and deceit inside our minds through the lips of even well-meaning people! The devil‘ uses our words to wound. What a wake-up call!

Words are powerful, powerful as a double-edged sword, and we can either use them for great good or for great harm. If we’re not careful, we can wreak havoc with our words, especially when from one mouth proceeds both blessing and cursing. (See James 3:10.)  The words we listen to affect the words we speak, and the words we speak affect every single person who crosses our path. That’s why Unmasking the Accuser is a desperately needed prophetic book for us today, with the potential to radically change every single word spoken in our |ives—impacting our eternal destinies.

I encourage you to take the words of this book and let them shine a bright light of clarity into the conversations of your life, as they have shone into mine.

If we are to passionately pursue the fire of the Spirit, we must lay aside every voice but His. It will take discernment: Sometimes, our heavenly Father speaks through the words of the people around us. And, as Dr. Bridges wrote, “Sometimes Satan speaks in the first person.” But this book will be your guide to unmasking the powerful lies that come from the mouth of devil and discerning the truth that comes from the mouth of God. Instead of letting lies in the front door of our mind, let us participate in a great, international, supernatural conversation that flows forth the words of our holy God, not the words of the Accuser of the brethren. Imagine how much less slander, gossip, and offense there would be in our lives—in our world! Imagine the joy of our Creator as He would watch us spread blessings and transformational power instead of cursing and stagnating criticism. Imagine the healing, reparation, and reconciliation that would spring up in the hearts of believers. I am excited about this book. Can you tell?

Once again let us be the sweet fragrance of Christ to all the nations. Speak life!

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