Making the Most of Your Life

by Christian George

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life?

Christian history is packed full of people who decided to make the most of their time in this world:

John Calvin was 26 years old when he wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion.
David Brainerd was 29 years old when he died for his faith as a missionary.
Jim Elliot was only 25 years old when he left the comforts of America to evangelize the Aucas in Equator.
But you don’t have to be in your twenties to make a massive impact for the Kingdom.

Charles Spurgeon knew how to burn his calories in wise ways. He often said “no” to good but non-essential opportunities, like when a leading London publisher offered him £30,000 for the copyright of his books, or a famous mercantile business offered him a salary in exchange for his membership.

“Lead me not into temptation means, to me, ‘Bring me not into a committee.’”
Spurgeon didn’t waste his life on secondary pursuits. He kept the main thing, the main thing: “To preach the Gospel myself, and to train others to do it, is my life’s object and aim.” Nor did Spurgeon hold possessions closely. When funds for the Pastors’ College ran low, Spurgeon offered to sell his horse and carriage.

So what can Spurgeon teach us about making the most of our lives? Here are thirteen tips from the most productive pastor in Christian history.

1. Don’t waste your mornings. . . .

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