Contemporary Worship

I go to a Southern Baptist Church. The members of the church are in a dispute regarding songs being sung during the church service – older people like hymns while younger/middle aged people like choruses with drums, guitars, etc. We also have a fairly new pastor who is trying to please everyone, so we have a “traditional” service at 8:00
a.m. and a “contemporary” service at 10:45
a.m. The problem is, the pastor is 37 years old and likes the contemporary service better because these people say, “Amen” and other sayings.

Some of us traditional people wonder if we aren’t letting the “world” dictate the style of worship we have. We have had over 100 new members join since our new pastor came, but they’re all “contemporary.” They raise their hands, etc., which makes us feel uncomfortable. We were taught to “sit down and shut up,” while this new generation likes to “get with the program.” I can feel the Spirit while singing “Just As I Am,” but these new people think hymns are “old timey.” Does the Bible deal with this subject?

May I just say that I appreciate a Christian who wants to know what the scriptures have to say about a particular subject? That’s exactly what Paul asked on several occasions—“What saith the scriptures.” That should be the question that governs every Christian’s life.

I’ll give you 3 passages to consider. . . .

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