Un mister. Cu mâinile goale…

Arinuck ptl

So true. This is my translation of this.

Source: Un mister. Cu mâinile goale…

The thousands of covered kilometers, the books and brochures written, the licenses and the diplomas, the baptisms and the baptized people, the transcultural missions, the numbers in their church, the rapid growth of the church as well as of the other 3,4 in which they got involved, the built churches but as well as those demolished by the persecutors, the number of followers on social media, the number of views of their messages posted on youtube. Even the model family they got.
For sure, this is the way some of the servents (professionals, after Piper’s term) think in their heart,… they are great in God’s kingdom. Yes. Without doubt. They are special. They distinct. Few have their accomplishments. Few walked this path. Their hands are full. Their baskets as well. Their cup overflows. There…

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