Spiritual Abuse

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts from a Pastor)

When most of us think of abuse, we think of domestic violence or abuse of a sexual, verbal, or physical nature. We think about husband who beat their wives, parents who hurt their children, or a random or planned act of violence in a public place. Most people would never think of it inside the church. In fact, I had people tell me in a committee meeting that they did not think the church I served at that time should do background checks on those who served in the nursery, children, or youth ministries because we were a small town and everyone knew each other. I told them that I served in a church very much like that, and a long-time pedophile was victimizing several in the church. The people stared at me, but I had proven my point. This man was an “upstanding” man in the area who had…

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Core Value#3

walking on the narrow path.

We Pursue Authentic Relationships

Matt 22:36-40

The Advantages of Companionship Ecc4:7-12

Life alone is meaningless.

Genesis 2:18

1.God knows your need for relationship and he is able to provide the answer needed to overcome them.

2. God knows the obstacles to authentic relationship and the attitudes needed to overcome them.

The believers form Community. acts2:42-47

3.God’s way of community is what the world is looking for.

This week Pastor Brad spoke on our third Core Value”We Pursue Authentic Relationships.” Hillside believes that relationships expressing care, accountability, and a sense of belonging are critical for is to grow together in faith.

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