God’s Door In Disaster

Lord Jesus, we worship You, we worship at Your feet, those nail-pierced feet, we worship You. We lay everything we can at Your feet, for You are worthy – You’re worthy of everything that we are and we have, and even the things that we struggle to give and relinquish. We say: Lord, help us to be made willing to lay everything at Your feet – for You are Lord of all, You are Lord of all, and so You deserve all. Lord Jesus, You gave all for us, and, Lord, what do we really give, at times, for You? But we want in this moment to give You our hearts, to give You our worship. Lord, we thank You that You are here with us, and so we pray, Lord, that we will, through the Holy Spirit’s ministry, we will hear the communication from Your heart to ours. So come near, Lord, and open our minds and soften our spirits, unplug our ears, Lord – may the oil of the Holy Spirit be outpoured to soften, that we might be mouldable for the pouring out of the new wine into our skins. Lord, make us supple, make us mouldable, come, we pray – nearer still, nearer still, we draw near to You, You draw near to us, Lord. Thank You, Jesus; thank You, Father; and help me please, Lord, Amen.

Okay, we’re turning to the book of Esther. . . .

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