When Satan Whispers in Your Ear

Christians throughout the centuries and around the world have prayed for God’s wisdom. We have asked for comfort, healing, direction and guidance in every situation and trial we have encountered. Many times, we have begged just to hear the still, small voice of God, telling us what to do next. While we seek to hear from the Lord, we have to ask ourselves, “Would we recognize the voice of God?”

If you do not know the voice of God, you have to wonder what will happen when Satan whispers in your ear. There is a very big difference between the wisdom of God and the lies of Satan. God will lead you to heaven, but Satan will take you to hell. The words they speak will be very different. God will encourage and Satan will deceive.

There was an event in my life when I truly heard the voice of God. It was not audible, but in my heart and mind, He clearly spoke. I had just dropped off my friend at her home. She was in treatment for leukemia and could not drive herself. Seeing her struggle, I cried out to the Lord, and in His mercy He clearly spoke to me.

He said, “She is dying, and doing everything to live. You are living and doing everything to die.” While my unsaved friend was fighting to save her life, I was caught in a web of deception. I was in a battle with anorexia, headed for the grave, but I did not even know it. I was so busy listening to the lies Satan was whispering in my ear, I no longer knew the truth. But on this day, God got my attention, and I knew I had not been hearing from Him – everything I thought I knew was all a lie.

Now, many people will say I should not spiritualize my struggle with anorexia. It is a mental illness and has nothing to do with Satan or God, but I would disagree. I have been studying the Book of 1 Samuel lately, and one thing really stood out to me. In 1 Samuel 16:14, it says: But the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and a distressing spirit from the Lord troubled him.

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