When Sheep Bite

by Chris Staples

I love shepherds! I accept that there are some who abuse the privilege but the vast majority of those that I meet really love Jesus and serve their socks off for their flock. As a church leader, there are times when we expect gratitude from the ones that we love but instead it is from the very people whom we serve that we are grievously wounded and betrayed. When we are treated in this way, how should we respond? Well, if we can learn anything from the prophet Samuel it is that – ingratitude is not a reason to give up caring.

1) Forgetful Ingratitude is the Way of Men . . .

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3 thoughts on “When Sheep Bite

  1. Perhaps the sheep wouldn’t feel it necessary to defend themselves by biting if their shepherds would stop fleecing them for everything they got. Perhaps they have been wounded by their shepherd and are afraid of being hurt and are putting up a hostile front to protect themselves from their shepherd that hurt them.

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    • Thank you for commenting. Interesting. Deception is possible when the eye is no longer focused on God but has shifted to a person instead and the promptings of the Holy Spirit fade away. Ideal grounds for Satan to steal our assurance, belief & faith in God and leave us rudderless. Easy prey.


  2. A Reader commented (can’t find that particular comment): “What you wrote and what Jamie commented is why I don’t miss church. So much arguing and backbiting. It is just so sad and discouraging. I’m sure there are some very good churches though.” Y-N: When the whole purpose of why God has placed us on earth is distorted/replaced by selfish & sinful interests then His work is neglected. How sad this must make true believers who have sacrificed their lives for their faith in Christ. I have also experienced such infighting and seen the damaging long term consequences that this causes. Money, pride and the like are all contrary to the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for commenting.


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