A Pure Heart

Written by Rolland & Heidi Baker, Directors
Pemba, Mozambique

“The human heart is the very throne and citadel of God. When he moves in, heaven begins.” –Sadhu Sundar Singh


I want to write about the heart. That’s what determines who we are, what we’re worth to God, what we mean to God–and what we mean to each other. It’s not about who’s the smartest, or the most educated or even the most anointed. None of the above. We look on the outside; Jesus looks on the heart. We look at ability, leadership, skills and power, but he looks on the heart. You can’t hide it from him. You can hide it from people. You can even hide it from your own family. You can hide it from your church and hide it from your friends, but you can’t hide your heart from God. It’s what’s in the heart that matters.


We look for something else, and so we hide our hearts. We hide …

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