By Steven M. Collins

Many Christians believe that we are currently living in “the latter days,” a biblical term for the prophesied period of time, which will occur at the very end of our age. Are we living in these days? Can it be proven objectively that we are living in the latter days? The answer is “Yes it can!”

The Bible has many prophecies foretelling the conditions and characteristics that will be present on earth at the end of our age. Since it is well-known that these latter-day prophecies have been present in the biblical texts long before the modern era, if it can be shown that these biblical prophecies are concurrently coming to pass in our modern time, we not only have powerful objective evidence that we living in “the latter days,” but also that the Creator God who inspired the Bible is alive and actively guiding modern world events to implement his biblical prophecies.

God Himself issued a challenge in Isaiah 41:21-26 that people can prove whether or not he is real and all-powerful by looking at human history and events to see whether he has the power to implement his prophecies about the future. Obviously, if ancient prophecies about “the latter days” are being concurrently implemented in the modern world, it proves that the God of the Bible is shaping events toward pre-determined outcomes. In Isaiah 41:22-23, God issues this challenge to all other so-called deities: …

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